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  • Micro-hole folding filter element
    Micro-hole folding filter element installation


    After the folding filter element is fully inserted, the top end fin of the filter core is pressed with the stainless steel hole plate, and the wire is fixed without being overtightened to prevent the force deformation.

  • large flow folding filter cartridge
    Need to replace the large flow filter?


    The high-flow filter is one of the most important components in the filtration system purification equipment. Its quality will directly determine the service life of the subsequent R0 membrane, which should be paid special attention.

  • Gas filter machine
    Gas filter machine features


    The filtering equipment adopts the patented internal mechanical structure to realize the high-pressure backwash function in the true sense.

  • filter element
    Filter material selection principle


    When performing gas-liquid separation, the efficiency of the filter is mainly determined by the coalescence of the filter element. The filter element is the core of the filter unit. Therefore, how to choose the filter material and reasonable combination of materials is the key to affect the quality of the filter.

  • precision filters
    Security filter material analysis


    The security filter element is divided into two types: a central support frame and a centerless support frame. The filter element is open at one end and flat at one end. The flow of the filtered fluid flows from inside to outside, and the through holes are folded at both ends of the filter element.

  • filters/oil filter
    Filter classification and working principle


    The engine has three filters of air, oil and fuel, which are generally called "three filters". They are responsible for the filtration of the medium in the engine intake, lubrication and combustion systems.

  • stainless steel filter
    Selection of stainless steel filter


    Stainless steel filter cartridges are widely used, and the correct selection is particularly important. In the selection of practical applications

  • bag filter
    How do you know the application of bag filter in water treatment?


    The bag filter is a multi-purpose filtering device with novel structure, small volume, simple and flexible operation, energy saving, high efficiency, closed working and strong applicability.

  • reverse osmosis membrane
    What is reverse osmosis? What is the difference between reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration?


    Reverse osmosis is a new membrane separation technology developed in the 1960s. It relies on reverse osmosis membrane to separate the solvent and solute in the solution under pressure. The full name of reverse osmosis is REVERSE OSMOSIS", abbreviated as "RO ".

  • Large flow filter
    Large flow filter replacement method


    How to replace the large flow filter,first , in the process, there will usually be water overflow.then...

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