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What should you consider when purchasing a large flow filter?


    The high-flow filter element adopts the horizontal folding technology to enlarge the filter medium area in a limited space. At the same time, the large diameter of the filter element increases the effective filtration area, which can greatly reduce the number of filter elements and reduce the size of the outer casing. The monolithic skeletal structure is mechanically strong and does not deform under severe process conditions. So what should I consider when purchasing?
1. Pleating and folding technology: Folding technology determines the amount of dirt and service life of the large flow filter. The folding technology ensures that when the fluid passes through the filter element, each unit of the filter medium has fluid passing through. When selecting, pay attention to whether the folding gap is Uniform and reasonable
2. Membrane design: Most manufacturers of large flow filters will save the cost and gain more profits, which will save the filter. If the filter material contains only a non-woven membrane without a filter, the effect of high-precision filtration cannot be achieved, and impurities may damage the filtration of the next layer of reverse osmosis. The consequences of filtering without the filter are far more than just the way.
The storage environment after the purchase of the large flow filter element should also be noted that it should not be placed in the warehouse, and other harmful gases or corrosive media should not be placed, and the product should be properly placed. In addition, to ensure proper temperature control, as far as possible to observe changes in the warehouse, you can install a thermometer or hygrometer.

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