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What if the filter flow is large?


Filter flow calculation:
Look at the inlet and outlet caliber, then multiply the flow rate by one hour and multiply the area of the inlet and outlet according to the flow rate.
The flow rate, pressure drop, viscosity of the fluid and the ability to pass through the filter itself are related to the design of the filter. Filter filter area A: A = (Q × η) / (α × δp) where: Q---flow L / min η - - dynamic viscosity P (pod) (1P = 0.1 Pa. S centipoise 1CP = 1P%) (In the past, the viscosity was 50 °C, the new specification is the viscosity at 40 °C) δp---pressure drop kg/cm2 α - filter material filtration coefficient (L/cm2) can only be tested by different filter materials It can be seen that if calculated according to the equation, the filter area is fixed, the flow rate is proportional to the pressure drop; and there is a certain proportional relationship. So, as long as the parameters in the equation are set, the flow can be calculated.



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