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Metal filter welding process


    The main difference between metal filter and other filter elements is the use of a large number of high precision welding processes. The stainless steel sintered metal mesh is rounded and then welded, the roundness is guaranteed, and the weld is smoothed after welding, so that the overall appearance is beautiful, and it is also prepared for the next step of the overall welding. Then, the sintered mesh is welded to the end caps by stainless steel welding wires, and the sintered mesh cannot be burned during the welding process to prevent local burning, thereby causing the filter to fail to filter. Therefore, the welding environment should be protected by argon gas during the welding process.
So what are the characteristics of argon arc welding?
1. Argon gas protection can isolate the adverse effects of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in the air on the arc and the molten pool, and reduce the burning loss of the alloying elements to obtain a dense, spatter-free, high-quality welded joint;
2. The arc burning of argon arc welding is stable, the heat is concentrated, the temperature of the arc column is high, the welding production efficiency is high, the heat affected zone is narrow, and the stress, deformation and crack tendency of the welded weldment are small;
3. The electrode loss is small, the arc length is easy to maintain, and there is no flux or coating layer during welding, so it is easy to realize mechanization and automation;
    All the above welding processes must have welding tools and special welding equipment. The welding technical requirements for workers are also strict. In case of the bubbling test after welding, air leakage occurs in the pressure range, and the filter elements are all scrapped.

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