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What are the advantages of the security filter cartridge?


We all know that the main function of the filter element is to filter and purify. However, the security filter is a relatively sophisticated filter, which is a widely used equipment in the industry, mainly composed of a casing and a security filter.
The outer casing of the filter is generally made of stainless steel and carbon steel. Which material is better? Carbon steel does not have the performance of stainless steel. Usually, the larger equipment uses carbon steel. However, the smaller equipment uses stainless steel. The security filter is often in contact with water. Pay special attention to rust prevention, so it is more stainless steel.
The security filter filter hole is very uniform, and the distribution is very uniform, and in the process of use, not only the pressure difference is small, the flow rate is large, and the use period is relatively long. The material used is non-polluting, and the filter has good physical properties and will not deform.
The security filter cartridge is cost-effective and small in size. It is very convenient to install or transport. The filter cartridge can be replaced as needed, which is simple and convenient.

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