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About stainless steel sintered mesh filter


 What is stainless steel sintered mesh filter ?
Stainless steel sintered mesh filter is abbreviated as stainless steel sintered filter. The filter core is superimposed and vacuum sintered by standard five-layer sintered mesh. The stainless steel sintered mesh filter is made of stainless steel sintered mesh. The sintered mesh is divided into five parts: protective layer, filter layer, dispersion layer, skeleton layer and skeleton layer. The filter material has uniform and stable filtration precision and high strength. It is an ideal filter material when it is required to have high rigidity, high compressive strength and uniform filtration accuracy.
The main difference between stainless steel sintered mesh filters and other filter elements is the use of a large number of high precision welding processes. The stainless steel mesh sintered filter element is cut by a sintered mesh and welded to a sintered filter cartridge with high precision. The most important point of the sintered filter cartridge is that it uses a large number of high-precision welding processes. The sintered filter cartridge is welded by rounding, and the joint is welded. The weld is to be rounded and the weld is corrected to make the overall look more beautiful. .
The selection of raw materials for stainless steel sintered mesh filter, the control of precision, and the later welding process are three very important factors of the filter. The products on the market are mixed with beads, inferior materials, low filtration precision and rough processing technology. Some products offer very low prices, and customers need to polish their eyes to avoid losing their profits and causing loss of production accidents.

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