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Do you know about coalescing separation filters?


       The coalescing separator is mainly designed for liquid-liquid separation. It contains two kinds of filter elements, namely: a polymer filter and a separation filter. For example, in the oil dewatering system, after the oil flows into the coalescing separator, * first flows through the coalescing filter element, and the coalescing filter element filters out solid impurities and coalesces the tiny water droplets into larger water droplets. Most of the agglomerated water droplets can be separated from the oil by their own weight and settled into the sump. The oil then flows through the separation filter. Since the separation filter has good oleophilic water repellency, the water is further separated, and the final, clean, anhydrous oil flows out of the coalescing separator. The oil first enters the lower part of the filter housing from the inlet pipe, and then flows the filter core from the outside to the inside. At this time, the coarser particles will precipitate immediately, and will be discharged by the drain valve, and the smaller particles will be intercepted by the filter element.
        After the clean oil is collected through the filter tray, the outlet pipe flows out of the coalescing separator. As the amount of oil to be treated increases, the pollutant deposited on the filter element causes the pressure difference of the coalescer to rise. When the pressure difference rises to 0.15Mpa, it indicates that the coalescing filter element has been blocked and should be replaced. The oil flows from the coalescing separator inlet port to the first-stage tray, and then is diverted into the first-stage filter element. After filtration, demulsification, water molecules grow up, coalescing process, impurities are trapped in the primary filter element, and coalesced The beads settle in the sedimentation tank, and the oil enters the secondary filter from the outside to the inside, and is collected in the secondary tray and flows out from the coalescing separator outlet. The material of the secondary filter element is hydrophobic, the oil can pass smoothly, and the free water is blocked outside the filter element, flows into the sedimentation tank, and is discharged through the drain valve.

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