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Talking about activated carbon filter


         The activated carbon filter core adopts effective activated carbon powder to add food grade rubber powder for continuous extrusion molding. The product not only has the excellent adsorption performance of granular activated carbon, but also avoids the characteristics of loose activated carbon releasing carbon powder, and can effectively remove residual chlorine in liquid and gas. , odor and organic matter.
        The granular activated carbon filter core is made of natural activated carbon, such as natural shell activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon or high-quality medium activated carbon, which can effectively remove pesticides, pesticide residues, organic solvents and other chemical pollution caused by industry. The activated carbon granule filter is filled in a plastic filter housing without any chemical additives. There are multiple layers of microfiber non-woven fabric at the upper and lower entrances and exits of the container to prevent the release of carbon powder, and the outer casing is produced by ultrasonic welding of ABS material. Since the liquid flows from the bottom to the top, the liquid is in contact with the activated carbon particle layer for a long time and a wide area, so that the functions of chlorine removal, deodorization and deodorization can be effectively utilized.

         Activated carbon filter product features: the filter is characterized by porosity, good adsorption effect, regular carbon particle arrangement, uniform carbon particle density and stable structure. The pressure difference is low, the turbidity is small, the strength is high, the adsorption value is high, the water flow is stable, the replacement is convenient and fast, and the like, and it is a superior choice for general civil and industrial water treatment materials. 

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