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Analysis of the characteristics of the folding filter



      The life of the filter depends on the raw materials used. As the use time prolongs, impurities in the water block the filter element and the activated carbon filter absorbs saturation. Therefore, in general, the PP filter cartridge needs to be replaced within 3 months, and the activated carbon filter cartridge needs to be replaced within 6 months. Since hollow fibers cannot be cleaned, they are usually placed at the rear end of PP cotton and activated carbon. Otherwise it is easy to block.
       Let's talk about the relevant contents of the folding filter.
       First of all, the folding filter element can be divided into a variety of materials, such as cotton fiber, as well as other types of chemical synthetic fibers. After the chemical synthetic fiber is folded and folded, the density is finer, so it can not only effectively filter the impurity particles in the air, but also can solve the discharge of some toxic gases in the chemical plant, that is, it can absorb the odor present in the air. Significantly improve air quality.
        Secondly, the advantage of the folding filter core is that its filtering effect is relatively high, and the welded iron mesh is used to give its multi-directional protection during the installation process of the filter element structure, and there is no need to worry that the filter element structure will suffer external damage during use.
        The folding filter adopts a folding distribution structure, and her filtering effect is not fixed. In short, the great advantage of the folding filter is that it can adjust the filtration accuracy in time according to the use environment. That is, according to the diameter of the particle particles in the environment, the appropriate filtering precision is adjusted, so as to obtain a satisfactory use effect.
        Finally, when replacing the folding filter element, it is necessary to pay attention to selecting the appropriate filter element specifications. The filter element of each filter device is not uniform, so it is necessary to select the matching filter element product.

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