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What is a security filter?


Security filter

        The security filter is also called a precision filter. In the process of generating purified water, the security filter is generally used in front of the RO membrane and used as a precision filter. Its function is to intercept particles larger than 5μm in raw water. Because the thickness of reverse osmosis membrane is about 10μm, the larger particles in raw water can be easily scratched by the high pressure pump and easily scratch the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane. It may even break down. Reverse osmosis membrane module, so the 5μm precision filter should be installed before the general purification of water treatment equipment, so that the reverse osmosis membrane is not scratched by the suspension of large particles; the other function is to make the reducing agent fully mix through the filter element. , neutralizing oxidants.

working principle:

        The security filter is a filter that uses a filter element as a filter medium to separate liquid and solid by pressurization. The method of liquid-solid separation using filter element belongs to micro-pore filtration technology, which is mainly suitable for materials or particles with solid particles of 0.5-10 μm, although the particles are larger than 0.5 μm, but the particles are non-rigid, easily deformed, and the viscosity between particles or between the particles and the filter medium is large. Difficult to filter materials. 

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