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Pay attention to these 3 points when folding the large flow filter maintenance!



    The foldable high-flow filter element is used to filter solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium to effectively control the pollution degree of the working medium. The large diameter design of the filter element increases the effective filtration area, greatly reducing the number of filter elements and the size of the housing. In many applications, investment and labor costs can be reduced due to high flow and long filter life.
1. Don't ignore the worn or damaged gasket in the shell
If your pall filter has a seal. Then we have to change it carefully. Always check that there are no old washers in the housing. The sealing strip is not worn, do not reuse the old gasket.
2. Do not tap the pall filter to clean
Hitting the pall filter element is enough to knock off the dust, but it can also damage the pall filter element. Damage your engine. Tap on contaminants that are not too deep to ensure that the filter element can work steadily and remain safe when replaced
3. Do not paste the pall filter element with damaged filter paper
Do not install dents or raised pall filters because they cannot effectively prevent contaminants from entering. Dents may cause uneven sealing or may indicate damaged filter paper. The pall filter attached to the filter paper will consume more engine and fuel.

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