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How to maintain the air filter of air compressor


        When the air filter element of the air compressor expires, the necessary maintenance should be carried out, and the following basic guidelines should be followed during maintenance:

1. Select the maintenance time according to the information indication of the differential pressure switch or differential pressure indicator. The hazards of periodic on-site inspections or cleaning sometimes outweigh the benefits. Because there is damage to the filter element, there is a risk of dust entering the engine.
2. It is recommended to replace instead of cleaning the filter element, so as to avoid damage to the filter element and protect the engine.
3. When it is necessary to clean the filter element, special care should be taken not to wash the filter element.
4. Please note that the safety core cannot be cleaned and can only be replaced.
5. After maintenance, use a damp cloth to carefully clean the inside of the housing and the sealing surface.

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