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Two faults that must be noticed in the air compressor oil and gas separation filter element!



    The air compressor oil and gas separation filter element uses anti-corrosion materials. The fine welding process and the application of the new double-sided adhesive ensure that the separator has high mechanical strength and can work normally at a high temperature of 120 ℃. Normally, when a mixture of oil and gas enters the interior from the outside of the separator, a condensation effect occurs, so the oil and gas can be recovered and clean air is generated.
There are two common failures of air compressor oil and gas separation filter:
1. Blockage: When the oil and gas split core is blocked, it will cause the air compressor motor current to be too large. It is also possible that the oil-separating core is deformed due to high pressure, and the host will be locked when the motor is severely overloaded. In addition, excessive current will shorten the life of the contactor, or cause major accidents due to burnt out contacts. Usually, there is a pressure gauge in front of the filter element of the screw air compressor. When the pressure difference between the pressure gauge before the filter element and the air supply pressure gauge reaches 0.08mpa, the oil separation core should be replaced.
2. Damage. When the oil separation core is damaged, you will find that the oil consumption of the air compressor is very serious, and there will be a lot of oil in the gas tank and the pipeline. In severe cases, the air compressor oil is directly discharged when the blowdown valve of the gas storage tank is discharged.

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