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Technical analysis of material of folding oil filter


 The filtering principle of the folding oil filter element is that the droplets of oil, water and other liquids are captured by the ultrafine fibers in the coalescer. These microfibers form a tortuous air flow channel in the folded oil filter element, which forces solid particles and droplets to separate under the action of inertial collision, diffusion interception and direct interception.

Material analysis of foldable oil filter
1. Filter paper: The oil filter requires higher filter paper than the air filter. The main reason is that the oil temperature varies between 0 and 300 degrees. Under drastic temperature changes, the oil concentration will change accordingly, which will affect the filtration flow of the oil. The filter paper of a high-quality oil filter should be able to filter impurities and ensure sufficient flow under severe temperature changes.
2. Rubber sealing ring: The high-quality oil filter sealing ring uses special rubber to ensure 100% sealing.
3. Oil return suppression valve: only used for high-quality oil filters. When the engine is turned off, the oil filter can be prevented from drying; when the engine is re-ignited, it immediately generates pressure and provides oil to lubricate the engine. (Also called check valve)
4. Overflow valve: Only high-quality oil filter. When the external temperature drops to a certain value or the oil filter exceeds the normal service life, the safety valve will open under special pressure to allow unfiltered oil to flow directly into the engine. Despite this, impurities in the oil will enter the engine together, but this damage is much smaller than the damage caused by no oil in the engine. Therefore, the safety valve is the key to protect the engine in an emergency. (Also called bypass valve)

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