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What are the specific characteristics of the melt filter



     The melt filter market is used in polymer melt filtration systems in the textile industry. The function module is to remove the paste precipitates such as carbide powder and metal sulfide in the melt, to enhance the melt content, and to ensure that the following process technology meets the standard of raw materials and normal spacing.
1. The melt filter core has high hardness and good rigidity: it has high impact toughness and tensile strength, good process performance, good welding process assembly characteristics, and is durable.
2. Melt filter core precision, uniformity and stability: the precision of all filters can reach the same and the same filter characteristics, and the filter will only remain unchanged in application.
3. The main purpose is universal: it can be applied to the humidity environment of 150 ℃ ~ 700 ℃ and the filter of acid-base balance environment.
4. Good cleaning characteristics: good reverse cleaning, recyclable, and long service life (cleaning methods such as reverse water, filtrate, ultrasound, melting, and baking can be used)

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