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Knowledge about filtration in the food industry


 Products to be filtered in the food industry:

Food and beverage wine, spirits and beer removal of suspended solids, sediments, removal and polishing of particles in cooking oil, removal of carbon black in cellulose, gelatin, liquid syrup, syrup, corn syrup polishing and interception Carbon ink and filter aid, starch processing, milk processing and removal of mud in soft drinks, security filtration before filling, filtration of various process water, syrup and other raw materials, and removal of impurities generated in the blending process.
 Food industry needs filtering range:
① Purification and advanced processing system
Sand filtration and activated carbon bed capture filtration
Security filtering and intermediate filtering
Ultrafiltration membrane group and its prefiltration
Reverse osmosis filtration device and membrane module
Terminal sterilization filtration
② Filtration system in the process
Clarification & polishing filtration
Diatomite capture filtration
Antibacterial and sterilizing filtration
③ Filtration system in waste water quality recovery and treatment system
MBR membrane filter module
Hollow fiber membrane filter recovery module
Backwash water recovery and treatment system for sand filter activated carbon filter system
Tubular membrane high suspension material processing system

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