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What are the materials used in the filter element?



    In filter media, the filter element is a more common product, and there are filter cloths, filters, etc., which are more popular filter products. So, what are the raw materials used? What are the alternative raw materials used by some manufacturers?
     A brief introduction is as follows:
    The general filter material is high-quality glass fiber. Because the glass fiber is sharp, it can break the oil spores well, it can better remove impurities in the oil, and the accuracy scale of the glass fiber is wide. It can be selected according to different environments Different filtration accuracy, and the price of glass fiber compared with other metal materials is relatively cheap, so stainless steel oil filter element using glass fiber as a filter material is more cost-effective.
    And many domestic manufacturers of filter cartridges can customize designs according to customer requirements, such as using different filter materials according to customers' different working environments and cost performance.
    Some frameworks require special treatment and use. The specially processed oil filter framework materials can achieve the following functions: finishing to obtain high-precision dimensions, uniform and common appearance, high pressure resistance, and preventing low carbon steel corrosion.
    Degreasing, blasting and blasting of metal surfaces, stainless steel pickling and passivation, stainless steel electrochemical polishing to achieve durable and beautifying appearance;
    The filter element generally has outstanding filtering performance. Generally, the filter element used in the hydraulic system or oil filter is used to filter impurities in the hydraulic oil to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil and the smooth operation of the hydraulic system. If you want to choose a more cost-effective filter element, Xinxiang Oudexin Filter Co., Ltd. will be your best partner.

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