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What is the working principle of high flow filter



     In today's society, filter elements are widely used in filter equipment. From the perspective of materials, filtration accuracy, filter size, etc., there are many types of filter elements, and high-flow filter elements are one of them. At present, the high-flow filter is trusted by the ambassadors of various countries. I also want to know more about the data of the high-flow filter. So, what is the working principle of the high flow filter element? Let's take a look at filters in this regard.
     In addition, it can be seen from its name that this is a kind of filter element with a large filtration flow rate, which is generally 20 times that of an ordinary filter element. The working principle of the large flow filter element is not much different from the working principle of other filter elements. Its flow direction is in and out.
     In addition, the high-flow filter core can also be an internal skeleton, an external skeleton, or an internal and external skeleton can be customized.
     The large-flow filter has an inner diameter of 3 inches, which enables the filter to flow up to 110 tons per hour per hour.

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