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Selection of oil filter car/machine



Oil filter is also called oil filter car. It is a kind of purification equipment often contacted by the fluid industry. It is mainly used for the purification and filtering of oil to achieve the purpose of cleaning oil and improving oil performance. According to different oil products, choose different oil filter vehicles, such as transformer oil filter vehicles, bearing oil filter vehicles, rust-proof oil filter vehicles, etc.
In addition, depending on the use environment, the type of oil filter used in coal mines is selected. If it is flammable and explosive, it needs to be explosion-proof configuration, such as explosion-proof box oil filter, explosion-proof oil filter car, etc. According to the filtering effect of the oil filter car, the structure can be divided into box-type mobile oil filter car, portable oil filter, high-precision oil filter car, or a four-stage series oil filter car modified according to customer requirements.
Selection of oil filter car
1. Choose what is suitable for this oil product.
2. Choose the right accuracy, not too precise, which affects the flow. The 6-level precision oil filter car is suitable for oils with high precision requirements.
3. Choose the right pressure
4. Choose the right filtration system
5. Choose according to the actual requirements of the working conditions

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