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How to clean the sintered mesh filter element?



Sintered mesh filter technology is aimed at the blood of machinery and equipment-oil products (including hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, gear oil, etc.). Based on the requirements of system operation reliability, it adopts the concept and strategy of active preventive maintenance to fully understand the equipment operation Condition and dynamic gap of components, reasonable selection of filter and stainless steel filter element filtering accuracy and filtering area, efficient removal of gap size particles, blocking the chain reaction of abrasion, and regular monitoring to ensure the cleanliness of oil and system, So as to reduce wear, avoid maintenance, prolong the service life of components and equipment, and improve comprehensive economic benefits.
Today, manufacturers and everyone will introduce how to easily clean the filter element.
In short, the cleaning of the filter element can be divided into forward cleaning and reverse cleaning.
1. Forward cleaning refers to the cleaning method of the cleaning agent or the cleaning water from the upstream to the downstream of the membrane. The process can be completed with a pressure slightly greater than the filtration product.
2. Reverse cleaning refers to the cleaning method of the cleaning agent or the cleaning water from the downstream to the upstream of the membrane.
3. We do not recommend users to use reverse cleaning, especially terminal filters. The reason is that after reverse cleaning, impurities in the cleaning agent or cleaning water will remain on the downstream end of the membrane, which will cause pollution to the next batch of products .
I hope this helps.

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