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Processing technology of sintered filter element


 Processing technology of sintered filter element

The main difference between sintered filter elements and other filter elements is the use of a large number of high-precision welding processes. The stainless steel sintered metal mesh is subjected to seam welding after being rounded. Welding must ensure roundness. After welding, the weld seam is smoothed to make the whole look beautiful. The sintered mesh is then welded to the end caps at both ends by stainless steel welding wires. The sintered mesh cannot be burned during the welding process to prevent local burnout, which causes the filter element to fail the filtering effect. Therefore, the welding environment must be argon Gas protection. In the above welding process, all welding tools and special welding equipment must be provided. The welding technology requirements for workers are also strict. In case of welding errors, all the filter elements are scrapped.

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