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Why are melt filters more expensive than ordinary folding oil filters?



    The strength of the melt filter element is related to the pressure-bearing capacity of the sintered mesh. The pressure in the hydraulic system is not constant. The sintered mesh must withstand large pressures, and it must also have fatigue resistance so that its structural strength will not be constant Under wear. In addition, the selection of the sintered mesh filter element is also very important, and it must have sufficient corrosion performance when using the filter material of the sintered mesh element. Meanwhile, if the sintered mesh element is made of a metal material, it is liable to rust, and thus an additive is required.
    Compared to the ordinary adhesive folding filter element, the welding process of the melt filter element determines that the structural strength of the filter element is relatively large, and even under high pressure conditions, it will not collapse, leak, and pollute the filter medium. In general, the melt filter has high temperature and pressure resistance, chemical resistance, excellent air permeability, large dirt holding capacity, high strength, good sealing performance, long life, and can be cleaned and reused. It can be made into a cylindrical or Folding cylindrical structure, the filter area after folding is 3-5 times the cylindrical area and other advantages.

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