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Processing characteristics of melt sintered filter



    Melt sintered filter element is an all-metal filter element made by the pall welding process. It has a large pressure bearing capacity and good fatigue resistance, so that the structural strength will not wear under constant pressure. The common material is stainless steel 316L. The main features are high porosity and excellent permeability, less pressure loss and large flow.
    In the processing of the melt sintered filter element, when the filtration accuracy meets the requirements, the processing of a good sintered mesh should have a high passability, and the oil permeability of the sintered mesh can be maintained to keep the system's circulation stable. Stress will also be lower and more affordable. If the pressure difference is too large, it will not only damage the sintered mesh structure, but also affect the pumping efficiency of the pump.
    At the same time, the strength of the sintered mesh should also meet the standards. The strength is related to the pressure capacity of the sintered mesh. The pressure in the hydraulic system is not constant. According to the working intensity and time, the switching power supply is switched, the pressure is changed, and the sintering is good. In addition, the selection of the sintered mesh filter element is also very important, and it must have sufficient corrosion performance when using the filter material of the sintered mesh element. Meanwhile, if the sintered mesh element is made of a metal material, it is liable to rust, and thus an additive is required.

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