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What are the consequences of damage to the oil filter of the ship?



    Ship filter element is also called candle filter element because it is shaped like a candle. It can be used for pre-filtration of hydraulic oil. It can withstand high temperature and pressure, and can be stably filtered under high viscosity environment. Can be used for the separation and recovery of products and intermediate products in the refining and chemical production processes in the petrochemical industry

     Damage to a ship's engine can lead to serious consequences. Engine failure has potential threats to crew, passengers, ships, marine equipment, and cargo and the environment. The candle filter is an important part of filtration. It is designed to protect the engine system. If the performance cannot meet the technical requirements and the filtering effect is lost, then the performance of the engine will be significantly reduced and the service life of the engine will be shortened.
     Therefore, it is usually necessary to observe the use of the ship's filter element. Due to different working conditions and environmental conditions, the pollution of the filter element is also different. Pay special attention to the replacement frequency!

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