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Loss process of PALL water filter



    Pall water filter element is made of polypropylene as the raw material, and the filter material is made by film folding or spray melting. PP filter material has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, acid and alkali resistance, and can effectively remove suspended solids, particles, rust and other impurities in the liquid.
1. The loss process of the PALL filter element is the process of blockage of the filter element by the pollutant. When the Pall filter element is blocked by the pollutant, a part of the holes on the Pall filter element will be blocked. In the initial stage, due to the large number of holes in the Pall filter element, the plugged holes have little loss to the entire pressure.
2. When the Pall filter has a long working time and serious blockage, the pressure difference of the Pall filter will rise very quickly. The quality of Pall filters is judged by the number, size and shape of the filter holes. Buy filter materials that pay attention to thickness and filtering accuracy. In the material of Pall filters, the filter paper has fewer holes than glass fiber filters. Therefore, the filter element of the filter paper material is blocked quickly.
3. The Pall filter element of the multilayer glass fiber filter material can contain more pollutants. When the liquid passes through the Pall filter element, each filter layer will filter out impurities of different sizes.

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