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  • security filter
    What are the characteristics of the security filter


    The security filter is divided into two types with and without a center support frame. One end of the filter element is opened and the other end is sealed flat.

  • meltblown filter elements
    What are the advantages of meltblown filter elements?


    Meltblown filter element is a tubular filter element made of non-toxic and odorless polypropylene particles, which is heated and melted, spun, drawn, and received.

  • melt filter
    What is the strength of the melt filter?


    The strength of the melt filter is related to the bearing capacity of the sintered mesh.

  • air compressor air filter element
    Air compressor air filter element 1621255501-"Five" big features!


    Air compressor air filter element 1622185501 is a standard product. The filter element is composed of filter material, inner mesh, pleated structure, skeleton, etc.

  • PP filter element
    Introduction of the advantages of PP filter element in various media


    PP filter element has high filtration efficiency, low pressure loss, stable filtration efficiency, long service life, low filtration cost, good safety and strong adaptability.

  • stainless steel filter
    stainless steel filter


    The stainless steel filter is composed of a housing, a backwash mechanism, and a differential pressure controller. The internal cavity of the stainless steel filter housing is divided into upper and lower chambers by a horizontal partition.

  • pp filter
    Knowledge about filtration in the food industry


    Knowledge about filtration in the food industry-products and scope

  • oil filter
    What are the materials used in the filter element?


    The filter element generally has outstanding filtering performance. Generally, the filter element used in the hydraulic system or oil filter is used to filter impurities in the hydraulic oil to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil and the smooth operation of the hydraulic system.

  • high flow filter
    What is the working principle of high flow filter


    Filter elements are widely used in filter equipment. high flow filter element this is a kind of filter element with a large filtration flow rate, which is generally 20 times that of an ordinary filter element.

  • hydraulic oil filter
    The role and replacement cycle of the hydraulic oil filter


    Hydraulic oil filter element is used in the hydraulic system to filter out solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium, the replacement cycle of the hydraulic oil suction filter is replaced every 2000 hours of work,the replacement cycle of the hydraulic oil return filter is replaced for the first 250 hours of work,

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