Xinxiang Oudexin Filter Co., Ltd. mainly develops, produces and sells various filters and filtration equipment, and undertakes the design of various specifications, various types of filters and filtration devices. Manufacturing related technical services. ...

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providing high performance filter elementsfor every applications

Improve your filter quality, extending your equipment life and saving your money
A Leading Manufacturer & Proffesional Management

A Leading Manufacturer & Proffesional Management

  • The custom engineering expertise and manufacturing flexibility for providing filtration solutions

  • Designing, producing, quality management and innovation

  • Application engineers, mechanical engineers, electric engineers etc. for guarantee good producing of every part.

Reliable, Versatile, Durable and User-friendly Systems

Reliable, Versatile, Durable and User-friendly Systems

  • Top-quality components and workship ensure high performance

  • Effectively protecting your equipment and extending the life for quick paybacks of investment

  • Excellent quality systems and exceptional customer support

Professional Technical Service Team

Professional Technical Service Team

  • Professional pre-sales, in-sale and after-sales service team to meat customer's requirement

  • Studying the client requirement, designing and implementing the solutions

  • Training user to maintain the systems

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  • sintered wire mesh
    Principle of stainless steel sin

    Multi-layer metal sintered mesh is a new type of filter material with high mechanical strength and overall rigidity, which is made of multi-layer stainless steel wire mesh after special lamination and vacuum sintering.

  • folding large flow filter
    Pay attention to these 3 points

     The foldable high-flow filter element is used to filter solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium to effectively control the pollution degree of the working medium.

  • air compressor air filter
    How to maintain the air filter o

    When the air filter element of the air compressor expires, the necessary maintenance should be carried out,and the 4 points guidelines should be followed during maintenance.

  • precision filter elements
    What are the product advantages

    Product advantages of precision filter elements: Breathability of precision filter. High efficiency of precision filter and etc .

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  • melt blown filter
    Talking about the melt blown fil

    The melt filter is a high-tech deep processing product. The types of melt filters are stainless steel sintered filter elements, precision stainless steel filter elements and metal powder stainless steel sintered filter elements.

  • security filter
    What is a security filter?

    The security filter is also called a precision filter. In the process of generating purified water, the security filter is generally used in front of the RO membrane and used as a precision filter. Its function is to intercept particles larger than 5μm in raw water. Because the thickness of reverse osmosis membrane is about 10μm, the larger particles in raw water can be easily scratched by the high pressure pump and easily scratch the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane.

  • pleated filter
    Analysis of the characteristics

    Folding filter element can be divided into a variety of materials, such as cotton fiber, as well as other types of chemical synthetic fibers.

  • activated carbon filter
    Talking about activated carbon f

    The activated carbon filter core adopts effective activated carbon powder to add food grade rubber powder for continuous extrusion molding. The product not only has the excellent adsorption performance of granular activated carbon, but also avoids the characteristics of loose activated carbon releasing carbon powder, and can effectively remove residual chlorine in liquid and gas. , odor and organic matter.

About Us
About Us

Xinxiang Oudexin Filter Co., Ltd. locates in xinxiang sizhuangding Economic Development Zone in Henan Province. It is a modernize enterprise with 22 years professional manufacturing history. From the very beginning till now, the company devotes to research and manufacture water filter,air filter,oil filter,air compressor filter and other filter machine. The company insists on trying to improve the product competitiveness as the core of the research and development strategy, with "three key combinations of scientific research, technological advancement, technological improvement" and "production, learning, research" as the main line, relying on a strong scientific research team to develop Innovation, aiming at the technological frontier of the industry, and constantly improving the overall technological innovation capability of the company....

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